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    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) was established in 1884 in Japan and today is one of the giant groups, active in many different sectors such as power generation, transportation, aviation and air conditioning. The company has obtained its current status in 1964. Currently the Group has 33,000 employees, 2.3 Billion $ capital and 33.7 Billion $ turnover as of 2010 and is one of the leading Groups of the World.

    The air conditioning activities have been started in 196o’s and today the company is one of the leaders with its high technology, research and development activities, wide range of products and high quality. With the headquarters in Japan, there are various production facilities around the World, including Japan, Thailand, China, USA, Holland and others.

    The MHI center in England acts as a European center controlling all distributors around as well as a training center. MHI has domestic air conditioners as well as VRF units in its production line.

    With the Slogan “Our Technology, Your Future” MHI gives all its power driven from the technology that it has into the high quality products that it produces.

    Starting from November 2011 FORM Group has become the exclusive distributor for MHI VRF products in Turkey. A separate company has been established for this activity under the name “Form VRF Sistemleri Tic. A.Ş.” with its own sales and service personnel and a large stock level. MHI has a 25 % market share in Turkey for VRF products with over 13,000 outdoor units and 100,000 indoor units.

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